The Great Passion Play Holy Roller Trail  (single track, single direction)

Holy Roller is the first intermediate trail at the Great Passion Play with more to come.  It is full of fun flowy rollers, jumps, drops, and berms! Don’t worry, jumps and drops are only optional on this trail. You Bike Trails at the Great Passion Playcan still enjoy the fast berms and flow without testing your limits!


Miners Rock Trail 2.75 mile loop (single track)

A popular cycling trail in Lake Leatherwood park, it also leads users to one of the most interesting rock formations and sink holes.  When traveling clockwise from Miner’s Rock trailhead, the route tackles a gradual forest access road before settling into a long bench laden with bluffs.  The trail descends a series of switchbacks and old road beds on its way to Mulladay Hollow.


Bench Loop Trail 4.15 miles (single track)

Located at Lake Leatherwood City Park.  As the name implies, the trail is comprised of two benches that create a loop.  Skirting Bluff lines and tight tree lined contours, the trail wraps around the same peninsula mountain top.  The trail also shares the same route with the Twin Knobs Trail.  Access is from the Leatherwood Trail from the parking lot of the Lake Leatherwood sports field or Roark Road.


Oil Springs Trail to Pump Station Trail 2.35 miles (single track)

Located at Black Bass Lake.  Oil Springs trail has it all.  Dramatic bluffs flank the route as it winds through gnarly terrain.  Faded slogans hide on rockfaces and historic debris echo activities of the past.  Oil Springs Trail connects to Bluff Trail along the upper side of Black Bass Lake.  From this point you can take the Pump Station Trail located on the south side of the lake and it will loop around connecting to the Standing Rock trail that will lead you to Black Bass Dam.