Miners Rock to Leatherwood Dam to Sports Field 12.5 miles (single track)

For a longer, technical ride this one is for you! Start at Miner’s Rock trailhead.  You will pop out on Leatherwood Road and take the next entrance on your left (Mulladay Hollow trail) and make your way to Overlook Trail.  This trail climbs quickly from both ends to a bench trail.  Part of the trail is lined with bluffs, one of which offers a view of the dam during winter and early spring.  Numerous switchbacks and great flow make this trail fun for cyclists.  Overlook trail will then intersect with Beacham Trail, take a left (North) to head to the Lake Leatherwood Dam bridge.  Enjoy this beautiful view and 80 foot tall limestone faced dam.  *PhotoOp: there is a short trail If you want to get off your bike and venture down to the backside of the dam.  After crossing the dam, you will be back on Beacham Trail, visiting the quarry and crossing several creeks.  Beacham trail will come to a crossing to which you can take the Hyde Trail (longer route) or Leatherwood Trail (shorter route).  Hyde Hollow trail crosses an intermittent creek 6 times.  Low flow most of the year allows for easy crossing.  You can then circle back on Twin Knobbs to Bench Loop or take Lost Ridge Trail to Twin Knobbs to Bench Loop which will all lead you back to the Sports Field.

Miners Rock to Fuller Trail 7.75 miles (single track)

Technical and multiple grades make this a fun one! Starting out on Miners Rock you will settle into a long bench laden with bluffs and descend on a series of switchbacks to pop you out to Leatherwood Road.  You will then head north (make left) and take the Mulladay Hollow Trail on your left which connects to Overlook Trail.  This trail also offers numerous switchbacks and a great flow.  Overlook will then intersect with Beacham trail, you can take a left and head to the Leatherwood Dam and then ride back towards the marina (south) on Fuller Trail or take Beacham Trail back to the marina.  Fuller Trail follows a contour just above the lake for much of its length.  Several spurs connect to the Beacham along the way.  This trail has few extended grades but contains some extreme varied terrain and several stream crossings.

Beacham Trail 3.5 miles (single track)

From the Beacham trailhead this trail begins circling to the lake on a dirt access road.  After crossing Leatherwood Dam, visiting the quarry and crossing several creeks, it connects with Leatherwood trail at the head of the lake.  It is host to many short grades and the varied terrain on the back side of the lake makes it especially challenging for cyclists.  It is also the longest single trail in the park.

Eureka Springs Downhill Trails

This trail system is a one way specific use trail catering to advanced mountain bikers.  Access from Lake Leatherwood.  Riders must negotiate the climb on Miner’s Rock access road to the top.  The fun begins there!